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About our co-founders

Working relentlessly behind the scenes, Darren, Justin, Jeffrey, Benson, Steven are serial entrepreneurs at heart and have amassed over a century of experience across various industries working for the most recognizable brands including Apple, Huawei, HTC, IBM, JD Edwards, Realtek, Mediatek in C-level management, marketing, hardware & software engineering, research and development, finance, manufacturing and operations.

Dr. Pods is the retail arm of Startinqs Pte Ltd which is the world's largest refurbisher of Apple AirPods and supports partners in countries around the world including USA, Japan, UK and Europe. Dr. Pods operate directly in Singapore and Taiwan and is the master franchiser of many similar setups around the world.

Joining our co-founders are Natalie S.N.G. and Jacinta Z.H.A.N.G., who not only inspired Dr. Pods but are creators and dreamers of our journey into this mulit-billion dollar industry addressing a market size of over 110m AirPods with a market value of $6B. Both Natalie and Jacinta actively manage Dr. Pods and are earning their stripes in technopreneurship while they pursue other mundane ventures.

The pair originally conceive our idea and business around sustainability and Startinqs & Dr. Pods continuously strive to remain true to these values.

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