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  • This order is for a left and right side of Generation 1 AirPods battery instant exchange. Charging case is not included. (Do not send us your charging case during the exchange)
  • Our replacement batteries are rated for the same performance as original Apple AirPods batteries. All AirPods batteries replaced by Dr Pods comes with a 90-days warranty. Delivered sterilized in "No-touch" packaging.

Apple AirPods Gen 1 Battery Instant Exchange (Pair)

  • Dr Pods only accepts the following AirPods for Exchange. 

    1. Original & authentic Apple AirPods;
    2. Without water damage;
    3. Without cosmetic blemishes & discolorations;
    4. Without permanent stains, deep scratches or marks; 
    5. Without corrosion to the charging contacts (silver metallic area at the end of each AirPod stem)
    6. Fully functional and able to connect via Bluetooth;
    7. Able play audio without fluttering or cracking and;
    8. Able to record audio via the microphone
    9. Does not exhibit "Flashing Green LED light" when the AirPods earpieces are placed into the AirPods Charging Case

    More information on verifying your AirPods can be found at

  • It is important to verify if your AirPods are generation 1 or 2. If you are ordering a single side, AirPods of different generations will not work together. If you are ordering a pair, they may have different features. Please check the model of your AirPods by doing the following


    With your charging case lid opened or when the AirPods are being used, click on the "i" with the circle to open the Bluetooth settings for the AirPods 


    The model number can be found in your AirPods Bluetooth settings 


    AirPods (2nd generation)

    Model number: A2032, A2031

    Year introduced: 2019


    AirPods (1st generation)

    Model number: A1523, A1722

    Year introduced: 2017

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