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  • This order is for outright sale of one left OR right side of Generation 2 AirPods. Charging case is not included. (Please select either left or right side). Battery exchange customer should not select this
  • This order is for different grades. Not all grades are available at all times (Please select Grade A/B or C or D)
  1. Grade A/B. Preowned with minimal marks/dents/scratches- $69
  2. Grade C. Preowned with some marks/dents/scratches- $59
  3. Grade D. Preowned with some obvious and visible marks/dents/scratches -$49
  • Setup instructions will be provided to help you setup replacements with your existing unit
  • Customers will continue to use their existing charging case
  • Our replacement batteries are rated for the same performance as original Apple AirPods batteries.
  • All AirPods batteries replaced by Dr Pods comes with a 90-days warranty. Delivered sterilized in "No-touch" packaging.

Apple AirPods Generation 2 Loss Replacement (Single Left or Right Side)

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