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Ordering process for customers in Taiwan

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Step 1  Click on Shop & select your item

Step 2  Pay and select pickup location

Step 3  Receive confirmation ID

Step 4  Send your AirPods with deteroriated batteries to Dr. Pods

Step 5   Collect & pay for your AirPods with new batteries

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Ordering process for customers in Singapore

1. Ordering process for Personal Meetup delivery (on-the-spot exchange)

For a limited time, we will be offering free on-the-spot exchange service in 2 locations, Holland Village MRT (CC21) and Serangoon MRT (NE12/CC13). Please select Personal Meetup during checkout. Bring your AirPods (with deteriorated batteries) and exchange them for AirPods with new batteries. Bring along your charging case and we will be happy to set it up for you as well.

2. Ordering process for exchange service

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Step 1  Click on Shop Singapore. Place order & checkout

Step 2  Receive an email confirmation

Step 3*  Print email, enclosed email with your AirPods with deteriorated batteries and send them to Dr Pods c/o Startinqs Pte Ltd, My Mail Box 880221, Singapore 919191  

Step 4  Upon receiving your AirPods, we will verify the authenticity and serviceability of your AirPods and ship a pair AirPods with new batteries to your address 

*Packing and sending instructions for shipping your AirPods to Dr Pods

  1. Wrap your AirPods (Earphone only. Do not include charging case) in some padded or bubble protection before inserting into an envelope.

  2. Enclose a copy of your confirmation email

  3. Write the following address on the envelope
    Dr Pods c/o Startinqs Pte Ltd
    My Mail Box 880221,
    Singapore 919191


  4. Bring the package to any Singapore Post Branch islandwide or drop it into any Singapore Post Mailbox

  5. Approach the counter with the package and inform the staff that you wish to send to the following address. You will be advised that the postage cost will be $1.50 (minimum sum for weight up to 2kg). Pay the postage and insert your package into the letter box. There are various level of services offered starting from $0.60 to $3.20

  6. Your package will be sent to us between 1-3 days. We will inform you when we receive the package, verify the contents including authenticity, physical condition and functional condition.

  7. We will proceed to send your AirPods with new battery/batteries. Your package will be fulfilled via Ninja Van and is a trackable service. You will receive an email with a tracking number

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