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Shipping Policy & Acceptance

By checking out your shopping cart, you acknowledge that they AirPods you will send us for exchange are 

1. Original & authentic Apple AirPods;
2. without water damage;
3. without cosmetic blemishes & discolorations;
4. without permanent stains, deep scratches or marks; 
5. without corrosion to the charging contacts (silver metallic area at the end of each AirPod stem)

You also acknowledge that the Apple AirPods you send us are 

a) Fully functional and able to connect via Bluetooth;
b) able play audio without fluttering or cracking and;
c) able to record audio via the microphone

More information on verifying your AirPods can be found at

Once you have completed the checkout process, prepare your old AirPods (with deteriorated batteries along with a printed copy of the email you have received and send them to the following address below. Please pack your AirPods with protection and place them in an envelope or small box. Please use a door to door courier if possible as AirPods are small but valuable consumer electronics

Dr. Pods AirPods Battery Replacement
c/o Startinqs Pte Ltd 
My Mail Box 880221 
Singapore 919191

Return & Exchange Policy

All AirPods "Exchanged" through Dr Pods cannot be returned as the AirPods you shipped to us during the "Exchange" process will be replaced with new batteries and we are unable to retrieve the ones you send. 

We warrant the AirPods you exchanged for 90-days against battery defects, damage and defects arising from battery replacement and craftsmanship. 

If for any reasons you are unhappy with the AirPods you receive due to the physical condition and appearance and/or performance of the battries, please contact us at

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