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Thank you and congratulations on exchanging your Apple AirPods for a pair with new batteries. By doing so, you saved a little of our planet.


Before you proceed to use your Apple AirPods with new batteries, please do the following:

  1. Place Apple AirPods with new batteries into your charging case. The LED light of the case should flash orange. If it flashes white, proceed to step 3

  2. Hold the setup button down for 15-30 seconds until the LED light flashes white.*

  3. On your iPhone, goto the Home screen.

  4. Open the lid of the case with your AirPods inside and hold it next to your iPhone. A setup animation will appear on your iPhone.

  5. Tap Connect, then tap Done to complete


Your AirPods may have low battery when you first receive it as it may have lost power during shipping and transit. Simply charge your AirPods as usual. For assistance, please contact us at


* If the status light continues to flashes amber, connect the case to a power source, close the lid, and wait for 20 minutes. Then open the lid and press and hold the setup button again for 15-30 seconds until the status light flashes white.

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